Canned Soup Goodness

The title of this post probably sounds almost oxymoronic to some of you – how can Canned soup ever be good?

Although there are obvious advantages to canned soup such as convenience and higher longevity in the cupboard, one can hardly call it good from a food-lover’s point of view, given that most canned soup company chefs deal only with freakish mutant vegetables. But what can you do when you are heading off to college (or work) and are simply too busy to prepare a hearty, homemade, cream of tomato soup? I was recently saved by Albert Menes Veloute de Tomate soup.


Unlike many canned tomato soups that are either too watery or too harsh and acidic, the Albert Menes Veloute de Tomate has a velvety texture that is complimented by its highly condensed tomato flavour. The tomatoes used are picked and matured under the sun of Provence in France, and the soup itself is also made according to a traditional Provencal recipe. The richness of the soup, like any other canned soup, depends on how much water you put into the saucepan along with the contents of the can, but I personally prefer to put as little as possible so that the original texture of the soup is preserved.  At the back of the can it suggests that you add croutons fried with butter, a pinch of chives, and some creme fraiche before serving, but tonight all I had was the soup itself with some melba toast and it was already good (and less fattening! Although next time I think I will have this with a slightly burnt grilled cheese sandwich for an ultimate comfort food experience).


So Hong Kongers, I’ll tell you that I bought this soup at Citysuper in IFC. and LOOK! IT IS NOW AT HALF PRICE! Normally at 99HKD for a canned soup it is on the expensive side but right now at HKD50 it is even cheaper than it is on its official French website:  

(And Americans – I heard that you can get it too but for around 13 USD so YEAHH I am getting a good deal here today 😀 )


I have yet to try the other soups in the same range but as I bought a box full of these today I will probably try them soon. I won’t blog again about these soups but ask me later about the other varieties or just try them yourself ! 🙂


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